Aug. 26 2012

Insurance Commissioner

Enclosed is most of our communication with AARP DELTA Dental.

We applied for coverage and discovered nearly six months later when we were planing to get a cleaning and examination that DELTA did not supply a policy or ID card for coverage.

We noted they, not only accepted a check with our application but were extracting monthly premiums from our credit card account. I called the Visa and canceled the automatic pay account at a cost of an additional thirty dollars.

I then called Delta and asked for the return of our money because they failed to provide the necessary I.D. for receiving care. At first when talking with their representative I felt insulted with their latitude and was told it was I was at fault and didn't do it correctly. Furthermore they claim to have sent a welcome letter with necessary information and that they are not responsible for it not being delivered to us.

I a filed complaint with the B.B.B. And the problem has not been solved to date. I believe they have done all they can.

I believe that they are responsible for delivery of necessary information when they have accepted money with an application and then extract monthly amounts from our credit card account.

Because they accepted money and fail to deliver a product they should return all monies collected. Or at least offer a dental policy with adjusted starting date. Their inappropriate response has made it quit impossible for me to do business with them now or in the future.

My only desire at this time is to recapture the monies paid for the policy that was, for what ever reason, they failed to provide. These were unearned funds and they were not at any time at risk.

K. G. Sonderleiter

1508 228th SW

Bothell WA.

(424) 402- 3905


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You have your information wrong. Delta Health Systems is not Delta Dental.

Nor do they sell insurance policies. Next time please take the time to make sure you are reviewing the correct company.


Delta Health Systems is not Delta Dental

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